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2:30pm and 4:45pm
April 9 + 10

Rodeo Cinema on Film Row
701 W. Sheridan Ave, OKC, OK

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Oklahoma City University Film


Program 1: Saturday April 9th, 2:30pm

-Wilderness Days, dir. by Jason Younkman, 2021, US

-Love letter to Glasgow, dir. by Myria Christophini, 2021, UK

-Washington, D.C., dir. by Tomas Csonka, 2019, US/Czech Republic

-XCTRY, dir. by Bill Brown, 2018, US

-We Had Each Other, dir. by Kelly Gallagher, 2021, US

-Flashbacks, dir. by Dominic Angerame, 2021, US

-Mam’s Old Chair, dir. by Sheena Walsh, 2021, Ireland

-Displaced, dir. by Alex Mendez Giner, 2019, US/Greece/Italy/Laos/Spain

-Larama, dir. by Luciana Decker, 2020, Bolivia 

-Black&White, dir. by Eluned Zoe Aiano & Anna Benner, 2019, Czech Republic

-Red Wisdom, dir. by Hossein Moradizadeh, 2020, Iran

-Wasuremono (The Forgotten), dir. by Mina Cruz, 2021, Philippines

-Someplace in Time, dir. by Scott Palazzo, 2021, US

-REVER (See Again), dir. by Raquel Gandra, 2020, France/Brazil

Program 2: Saturday April 9th, 4:45pm

-For All Audiences, dir. by Josh Weissbach, 2018, US

-How I Choose to Spend the Remainder of my Birthing Years, dir. by Sarah Lasley, 2020, US

-HRDPF: A Brief Rendering, dir. by Emily M Van Loan, 2021, US

-Water Falls, New York City, dir. by Ann Deborah Levy, 2019, US

-Alexander Mosolov. Three Pieces, dir. by Natalia Ryss, 2020, Belarus/Israel/Russia

-Singing of the waters, dir. by Tassia Mila Novaes, 2021, Brazil

-Bell Jarred, dir. by Alexander Fingrutd, 2021, US

-Ellery’s Body, dir. by Sarah Soucek, 2021, US

-Clara, dir. by Janelle VanderKelen, 2016, US

-The Withdrawal, dir. by Chandni Srivastava, 2021, India

-I sit and look out, dir. by Gábor Balázs, 2021, Romania

-Faceless, dir. by Thina Zibi & Slindile Mthembu, 2021, South Africa

-Twitch, dir. by Lauren Hammersley, 2021, UK

-Defabricated #2, dir. by Biswajit Das, 2020, India

-Binaural Glass, dir. by Shelley Hopkins, 2020, UK

-Simé Love, dir. by Ugo Vittu & Peter the Moon, 2021, France

-We are such stuff as dreams are made on, dir. by Sam Crane, 2021, UK

-Death Valley, dir. by Grace Sloan, 2021, US

We Had Each Other, dir. by Kelly Gallagher (Program 1)
Displaced, dir. by Alex Mendez Giner (Program 1)
How I Choose to Spend the Remainder of my Birthing Years, dir. by Sarah Lasley (Program 2)
Death Valley, dir. by Grace Sloan (Program 2)

Program 3: Sunday April 10th, 2:30pm

-Chronicle of the Underground, dir. by Daniel Noreña, 2020, Mexico

-A Heap of Broken Images, dir. by Francisco Rojas, 2021, Chile

-Imagine none of this is real, dir. by Nicole Baker Peterson, 2020, Canada/US

-Poco Allegretto, dir. by Kelly Gallagher, 2020, US

-Connexions, dir. by Cendrine Robelin, 2020, France

-Texturas de luz sober fondo negro, dir. by Luis Carlos Rodriguez, 2021, Spain

-Dune, dir. by Gabor Ulrich, 2019, Hungary

-Navras, dir. by Marco Huertas, 2020, Spain/Cambodia/Germany/India/Macao

-Water Margin, dir. by Grau, 2021

-Valdediós, dir. by Elena Duque, 2019, Spain

-Dustria, dir. by Allison Tanenhaus, 2020, US

-Antipode, dir. by Oliver Folcarelli, 2021, Denmark

-Hooked On, dir. by Nikola Polic, 2020, China/Serbia

-Diminished, dir. by Richard Martin, 1980, Canada

Program 4: Sunday April 10th, 4:45pm

-Cactus Raptus, dir. by Maxime Hot, 2018, France

-T is for Turnip, dir. by Kiera Faber, 2015, US

-Prometheus, dir. by Dominic Angerame, 2021, US

-A View From The Cliff, dir. by Anouk Laure Chambaz, 2021, France/Switzerland

-A History of the Wheel, dir. by Tony Hill, 2021, UK

-TIMELESS, dir. by c999, 2021, Italy

-Time Glider, dir. by Jacob Allen Johnston, 2020, US

-Rotary, dir. by Julie Martin, 2020, US

-All You Want is Greece, dir. by Alex Morelli, 2021, US

-Identity Parade, dir. by Gerard Freixes Ribera, 2017, Spain

-Nature Sounds, dir. by Contrarios, 2020, Spain

-The long wail of a passing train, dir. by Anne-Marie Bouchard, 2020, Canada

-Katagami, dir. by Michael Lyons, 2017, Japan

-THE PUNISHMENT, dir. by Nelson Fernandes, 2012, Spain

-Light Essay, dir. by Gabriella Vincze-Bába & Polina Khatsenka, 2021, Austria

-Migratory, dir. by Siri Stensberg, 2021, US

-Fragile Dream, dir. by Isabelle Hayeur, 2019, Australia/Canada

Valdediós, dir. by Elena Duque (Program 3)
Katagami, dir. by Michael Lyons (Program 4)
Antipode, dir. by Oliver Folcarelli (Program 3)
Fragile Dream, dir. by Isabelle Hayeur (Program 4)


Wide Open Experimental Film Festival (W.O.E.F.F.) is a first-year festival organized by the students of Alternative Cinema in the Film Department at Oklahoma City University. Inspired by Oklahoma’s wide-open landscape, we want to showcase experimental films that will open peoples’ eyes to the alternative forms, structures, and styles of film.

If you have questions, you can contact the festival team at

For more information about Oklahoma City University’s Film Department, visit

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